Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Keep Track of Events/Projects That You Work

I'm working on a personal project that has required me to create a list of all of the events I've worked. I'm doing this to the best of my memory, but it's becoming increasingly hard to recall events over the past eleven years, especially some of the smaller assignments. Just at New York Road Runners alone we held 55 road races each year, and each of the Events team worked ~40 of them per year. The same thing when I was at Disney Sports in its early existence and we didn't have the number of staff they do now to manage and work the 200+ events. A lot of us played different roles in a lot of different events other than the ones we managed.

Last year, I advised one of my staff who had been at NYRR for eleven months to list all of the races she'd worked and briefly describe what her responsibilities were for each race. (Turns out she'd worked 42 races in 49 weeks.) The reason for the exercise was for her to have them as she updated her resume. She could then easily choose which ones she wanted to highlight on her resume. I wish I had been smart enough to keep track of everything I had worked or for which I had volunteered. It would have been easy, just a simple Word or Excel document updated each week or month. It also would have made it easier updating my resume through the years and also to recall specific examples for interviews. Something to consider as you start.

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Janae said...

Having this document has definitely helped over the past year or so. I'm glad that I started it in the earliest stages of my sports career. As you said, Michelle, having such a document could potentially be useful in interviews, etc. I remember pulling from it when I was preparing for my interview here at OU. Potential employers may even ask to have a copy of such a document if they know you have it - it's yet another way to impress them aside from what's documented on your resume.

I have listed everything I did in undergrad, Disney Sports, NYRR, and will now be updating it with my experience from OU... Thanks for the advice!