Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Isn't Always Better. Sometimes It's Just More.

I'm trying to incorporate a lot of technology, mainly social media pieces, into my Sports Marketing class this semester.  I know that it is something that students need to know, and more importantly, how it can be used in sports to attract fans and/or make money (hopefully the first leads to the second).  One of the technologies we discuss frequently is Twitter.  I follow Tom Peters on Twitter.  A couple of weeks ago he posted that he would like to see a writing class developed around Twitter where the students weren't allowed to use contractions, abbreviations, or symbols, just provide clear and concise sentences.  I was about to create an exam for my Sports Marketing class and decided that I would borrow this idea.  I allowed my students to use contractions, but no abbreviations or symbols.  I provided "Sports marketing is" and then they had 140 characters to provide the rest.  The best answer was "the activities designed to satisfy needs and wants of consumers of sports and products through sports."  Pretty much dead on and she only needed 106 characters.  Overall, most of the students did really well.  I was very pleased.

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