Friday, May 1, 2009

Survival of the First Year - Recap

Well, I've survived my first year of teaching.  I'm in tact, I didn't huff and puff and blow the buildings down, and the students don't seem to be irreparably damaged. (Except maybe for the one I made cry in my first month...but she was weak. ;)  Plus, I don't think it counts if someone told me she cried and I didn't actually see it.  Just kidding.)   I think that most of the students are going to rise to the challenges put before them.  I truly do enjoy teaching them.  They have a lot of potential.  Some of them just need a harder shove than the others to make sure they at least attempt to reach their potential.

One of my friends and colleagues--Dr. Heather Lawrence--and I just finished initial edits of our sports event management textbook that will be out this fall (August, I believe) from Kendall Hunt Publishing.  It will also be for sale on (ISBN 978-0-7575-6461-1).  The book is called Event Management Blueprint:  Planning and Managing Successful Sports Events.  We're both very excited about that.  When Heather did the math, she calculated that the contributing editors have more than 300 years of experience working in the sports industry and over 60 years of experience teaching in it.

My second book will also be out this fall (also probably in August).  Not title as of yet.  We've conducted 31 of the 32 interviews.  Now we start sorting and writing.  I'll have more info on that in a couple of months.

I have a lot to write about for this blog and should have more time to do it during the summer.  Stay tuned.  I haven't disappeared.  

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