Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sports Business Journal

One of the tools that anyone wanting to work in the sports industry should utilize is the Sports Business Journal.  I haven't posted about it before as a tool because I guess I was naive and thought that most people who wanted to work in sports knew about it.  What I've discovered since I began teaching last month is that none of my students had ever heard of the SBJ, let alone read it.  After talking to undergrad professors at other universities, I found out that my students aren't that unique.  I actually just heard from a student at another university that one of her sports administration professors had never heard of it until he came to that university. That was truly shocking!  I've already decided to use the SBJ instead of, or in addition to, a text book in my future classes to make sure that students utilize it.

For those not aware, SBJ is a weekly publication that covers the business aspect of sports.  It contains vital information on so many different sports business topics.  It is an important publication for any section of sports in which you may want to work.  For students and professors, they offer a significant discount price on semester and annual subscriptions.  I recommend you read it to know what's going on in the sports business world.  

Check out the Sports Business Daily, too.  It compiles all of the sports business news from various newspapers and websites around the country.  I actually read this even more religiously than the SBJ.  The same company produces both, and like SBJ, the SBD also offers student and educational discounts.  


Charlotte said...

I've heard of the Sports Business Journal, but only from starting my internship last summer at Wake Forest. Though I didn't major in sports management (or anything sports related, just marketing), practically none of the students at my school read the professional journals from their field of interest. Professors always told us we should, but it definitely helps when they actually make it required course reading. I think that is a great idea.

Michelle Wells said...

That's interesting to know. I supports exactly what other professors have told me, which is that my students aren't unique. Reading it and knowing what's going on is definitely something that can help people standout among their peers. I'm definitely going to require it instead of a text book in some of my classes.

Anonymous said...

I went to Umass, and it was required in all of our classes to subcribe to SBJ. We were always doing papers and projects related to what was going on in SBJ. It was a really helpful tool.

Anonymous said...

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