Sunday, September 16, 2007

Job Search Techniques

I've gotten a couple of email messages from students recently asking about how to get started working in the industry and how to find jobs if they haven't yet developed their network of people who can refer them to others for jobs and/or if they want to get some work experience before going to graduate school.

One fo the easiest ways to find entry level positions that are open is to use one of the online services. One of the free ones is It's a pretty good site as far as entry level job postings, but I HATE the part, or I should say parts, of their site where a person actually posts for a job. It's absurd! Another organization that is a sports executive search firm is Turnkey Sports and Entertainment out of New Jersey. Most of the positions they fill are well above entry level, but it's a site to look and and pay attention to for your future, and who's to say they won't start filling entry level positions in the future. One of my favorite sites overall is This one is a subscription service, but one I like if you're willing to pay.

If you have trouble breaking into an entry level job and can financially swing an internship, that's always a possibility, too. It's not a fun option to think about, but it's an option if that's what you have to do to reach your goal. One of my classmates from grad school worked three lengthy internship before he found a permanent job. I think his internships totaled almost two years. He knew he wanted to work for an NFL team in a specific area and that's what he had to do to reach his goal. He's now the Assistant GM of the New York Giants.

When I speak to people, this next one seems to be the most overlooked search technique. For sports leagues/sports organizations/teams and for companies that sponsor sports (e.g., Visa, Sprint, HomeDepot, etc.), you can go to the job section of their websites. If you look at the bottom of the page, it usually has a link something similar to "Careers" or "Jobs" or it may be in the "About Us" section. In the keyword search, type in words like "sports" or "events" or "sponsorship" or "sports marketing" and you may get some hits in their sports and/or events departments. Also, on those specific league sites, they will often have the same jobs, and sometimes more, posted as does. Sometimes the link for posting will take you to the posting system for and other times it is the league/team/company's own job posting site.

Again, these are recommendations for entry level positions if you don't yet have your network developed. The best option is always your network. Often, job opportunities aren't presented by someone directly in your network, but from someone who knows someone in your network and is then referred to you. Think six degrees of separation, which seems like it's reduced to about three degrees of separation in the sports industry.


Prodigy Sports said...

Michelle - you should also be aware of my new sports-specifc executive search firm, officially launching in October. I have recently placed the Director, Ticket Sales with the Dallas Cowboys (July) and am currently retained by the New Orleans Saints/New Orleans VooDoo to fill Director, Sponsorship Sales role.

I have nearly 30 years experience in the sports industry, having worked on the team (Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Kings), league (NHL-New York), property (Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum & Sports Arena) and agency (ANC Sports) side of the business.

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Thank you.

Scott Carmichael
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Anonymous said...

My own recommendation is to show up at the various conventions (NCAA, MLB/MILB, CoSIDA, etc...) Most of them either have job fairs or networking events available for entry level positions. I found my first post-grad internship just by flying to the NFL PR convention. There are plenty of others to choose from that fit one's particular field that offer plenty of job opportunities.