Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Plug for Ohio University Sports Administration and Some of Its Alumni

Although I grew up in Ohio and received my master's degree in Sports Administration & Facility Management (SAFM) from Ohio University, I received my undergraduate degree in business from the University of Florida. I'm a very happy fan and proud alumna after Florida's defeat of Ohio State on Monday night. In looking at the men's Final Four, I'm also a very proud alumna of the Ohio University SAFM graduate program. Why?

University of Florida - Athletic Director Jeremy Foley and three other staff are alumni of Ohio's SAFM program
Georgetown - Athletic Director Bernard Muir is an alumnus of Ohio's SAFM program
Ohio State - two of the athletic department's staff are alumni of Ohio's SAFM program

Pretty good statistics for one program, I'd say, especially considering that's only looking at the schools in the Final Four.

For anyone planning on going to graduate school for Sports Administration, Ohio University is definitely one of the first places you want to apply.

Note - News is all over about the University of Kentucky trying to recruit Billy Donovan to come to Lexington to coach. The Athletic Director at UK, Mitch Barnhart, he's also an alumnus of Ohio's SAFM program.

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