Saturday, March 31, 2007


I decided to start this blog after having several discussions with people about working in the sports industry, especially younger people just starting their careers or currently in college.

Why a blog about the sports industry and working in sports?
1. When I went to graduate school for my master’s degree in Sports Administration, what we were taught wasn’t often what it was really like in the work world. Grad school was great for theorizing, but it didn’t address a lot of the everyday issues I’ve faced working in sports.
2. I enjoy teaching and mentoring. I’ve done quite a bit of it over the last 10 years, to the point where many people are encouraging me to do it as a full-time occupation. We’ll see.
3. I want to cover some of the basic things about working in sports that I don’t think many people are taught. They’re often forced to learn them on their own.
4. I’ve searched various places on the web and haven’t found many of this type out there. I’m trying to fill a perceived void.
5. I want to comment on current events happening in the sports industry and also on some of the things that I’ve experienced/witnessed in my ten years of working in the industry.

I’ll try to keep the postings relatively focused on a single item/issue. If a topic needs to be broken up, I’ll continue it in postings on subsequent days.

Not by any stretch of the imagination do I presume to be the authority on working in sports. I have, however, seen quite a lot in many different areas of the sports industry and will give my observations and opinions based on them. I also talk to a lot of friends in the sports industry and get feedback from them on what they wish they would have known or what they wish their employees knew.

I welcome questions and comments. Hopefully people will find this useful in some way.


Janae said...

Your initial reaction:
What is/was the most unexpected part about actually working in the field compared to what you had "learned" in the classroom?

Michelle Wells said...

How little I knew of the actual details it took to plan and execute events. No one went over the actual steps and considerations of planning events. We talked about big picture things--overviews of specific industries, the liability of athlete injuries, etc.

Also, what a huge help it was to have a great mentor. My assigned mentor took me to ALL the meetings she sat in, sat with me after the meetings and answered all my questions, assigned me an event to plan and manage after only two days of workign with her, let me plan and managem the event on my own while making sure I didn't stumble, etc.